There Are 2 Types Of Equipment: Special And Combat

Special Edit

The Only Special Equipment Is The Rocket Pack. Refer To The Table Below For The Cost.

7 Days 2 Weeks Forever
5000 Cash 6 Gold 12 Gold

The Rocket Pack Can Make You Fly. However, It Is Limited. 100% Energy To Fly. To Fly, Press Spacebar. If It Runs Out, You Have To Wait For It To Recharge. However, If You Are Building In Maps, Your RP Is Unlimited. If Your Using The RP, You Can't Hear It, But Other Players Can. You Can Hear Your RP If You Press The F2 Button.

Combat Edit

There Are 8 Combat Equipment In Cube Wars. The Table Below Refers The Equipment's Name, Damage, Use, And Cost.

Name Use Damage Cost
Bullet Set Refills 50 Bullets,

30 7.62 Bullets,

And 2 .300 Bullets.

N.A 100 Cash
Dynamite Explodes In 5

Seconds After

Putting It On The


155 1000 Cash
Mine Explodes In The

Ground If Stepped


140 2000 Cash
Water Of Life Respawns A Player

In A Mission By

Pressing X.

N.A 100 Cash
Medkit & Armor Heals The Player

To Full Health And


N.A 1000 Cash
Mega Ammo Refills A Lot Of Ammo. N.A 1 Gold
Blinding Grenade Blinds Assailants For

18 Seconds.

N.A 1300 Cash
Explosion Package Explodes When Thrown. 150 300 Cash