Welcome to the Cube Wars Edit

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The Game Cube Wars (Commonly Abbreviated As CW) Is A Game On Facebook. It Is A Hard Game. There Are 81 Missions, 17 Maps And 5 Game Modes. 

Languages of the game: 

Russian and English 

Missions Edit

There Are Various Types Of Missions. You Will Get A Gold Or Two If You Finish The Mission The FIRST Time ONLY. Gold Lets You Buy Cool Weapons, Armor, And More.

x = a positive integers number / natural number

  • Find An Exit
  • Find The Secret Document/Uranium
  • Kill x Monsters In x Minutes
  • Kill x Monsters
  • Hold Out For x Minutes.

Maps Edit

There Are 17 Maps In The Game. Some Are Copied From Other Games.

  • Strike
  • Two Towers
  • Dunes (Copied From De_Dust2 From Counter Strike)
  • Zion Tech
  • Warehouse (Copied From Cs_Assault In Counter Strike)
  • Mansion (Copied From Cs_Mansion In Counter Strike 1.3)
  • Crossfire (Copied From The Map Itself In Half-Life)
  • Zombie City
  • Arena
  • Bibz
  • Motel
  • Lummoks
  • Argolis
  • Assault Pro
  • City
  • Meat Block
  • Slaughterhouse

Game Modes Edit

There Are 5 Game Modes In The Game.

Free For All Edit

Also Known As Deathmatch. The Symbol For This Is A Skull. This Is The Game Mode Where The Players Kill Each Other, No Teams. After The Round, The Player With The Most Kills Will Be On First Place. While The Player With The Less Kills Go To The Last Place. Looks Like The Hunger Games.

Survival Edit

The Symbol For This Is A Zombie Head. This Is The Game Mode Where You Have To Kill Zombies. Survive! If All Players Die And Don't Respawn. The Round Will End. There Is No Timer In This Game Mode.

Teams Edit

The Symbol For This Is 2 Swords. This Is The Game Mode Where Players Work As A Team. 1 Kill Is Equal To 1 Point. The Team With The Most Points Will Be The Winner.

Capture The Flag. Edit

The Symbol For This Is A Red And Blue Flag. You Cannot Take The Flag If There Are NO Players In That Team. 1 Capture Is 1 Point. In This Gamemode, Your Rocket Pack Will Be Disabled.

Domination Edit

The Symbol For This Is A Diamond. This Game Mode Is Going To The Domination Point To Get Score. One Team Will Win If One Team Reaches 100 Points. Or The Timer Ends And One Team Has The Highest Score.

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