Bullets Are One Of The Ammo In Cube Wars. They Are Fairly Strong, Ranging To 30 To 80 Power. And Their Rate Of Fire Is Lower Than Other Weapons, Ranging From 1 To 6.7 Shots Per Second (60 To 402 RPM). The Weapons That Use This Is:

Glock-18 (Crossbow) - 35 Power  - 1 Shot/Second (60 RPM)

Pistol - 70 Power - 1.5 Shots/Second (90 RPM)

UZI - 30 Power - 5 Shots/Second (300 RPM)

Revolver - 80 Power - 2 Shots/Second (120 RPM)

Adv. Pistol - 70 Power -2.9 Shots/Second (174 RPM)

PPSh - 40 Power - 6.7 Shots/Second (402 RPM)


-The Bullets That Are Used By These Weapons Are Not The Same. For Example, The Adv. Pistol Is Similar To The HK USP Which Uses .45 ACP Rounds. The Pistol Is Also Similar To The IMI Desert Eagle, Which Uses .50 AE Rounds. The Revolver Is Similar To Colt Python Which Uses .357 Magnum Rounds. And The PPSh Is Similar To PPSh-41 Which Uses 7.62x25mm Tokarev. The Glock-18 And The UZI Uses 9mm Rounds In Real Life.

-Automatic Pistols Are Generally Weaker Than Semi-Automatic Pistols.

-Also Semi-Automatic Weapons Are More Accurate Than Automatic Ones.