When You Start Playing It For The First Time. This Page Will Teach You Step By Step.

First, You Might Want To Play The Easiest And Very First Mission. The Tutorial.

NOTE: The Tutorial Mission Is Not Multiplayer, But Singleplayer Only.

When You Join The Mission, You Will Hear Someone Talking And Saying:

“Welcome To The Firing Range Soldier. Your Training Will Be Conducted In Near-Combat Conditions. Your First Mission, Find An Entrance To The Abandoned Laboratory. To Start, Look Around, And Find A Way Out Of This Cave.” "Looks Like A Trap Door, It Leads To The Laboratory, Press The Button To Open The Door." "Those Columns Of Dust At The End Of The Room, That's A Secret Anti-Gravity Lifting Development. To Activate It, Press The Button At The Left Of The Lift." "Good Job! I Like How You Get Things Done. Now, There Should Be A Door At The End Of This Corridor. Looks Like We've Reached The Laboratory."